Make Fitness A Game.™️

Whether you’re playing games in virtual reality or recording a workout on your favorite wearable – YUR helps you track your fitness, set goals, compete in challenges, and earn rewards for your activity.

An insanely good fitness tracker for any VR game. This is a necessity for any VR player - fit or unfit - and even for people who don't care (its free, why not use it?).


Been using the BeatSaber mod and the desktop client app for awhile now, this is really great app for keeping track of your activity and trying to set personal goals for yourself


I started using YUR when it was a mod for Beat Saber and I absolutely loved being able to actually quantify the amount of effort I was putting into the game.


You play, we track

Wanna know how many calories you burned during that super epic Beat Saber session? We’ve got you covered.

workouts logged
calories burned

Our Products

Our products are designed to keep you active, track your progress, and motivate your communities in VR and IRL.

YUR Life
Mobile App

Make fitness a game no matter how you like to stay fit. Whether you're playing a VR title or doing an outdoor workout, YUR is designed to keep you motivated by tracking your progress and automatically analyzing activity for you.

YUR World
Virtual World Platform • Coming Soon


YUR Rank
Community Engagement Bot

Deepen your engagement and reward your community for staying healthy starting on Discord. Our bot integrates with over 300 wearables and lets your server track their stats, compete in fitness challenges, and rate their wellness.

YUR Watch

A one-of-a-kind virtual watch that lets developers streamline fitness tracking in virtual reality. Link it with your favorite games to monitor all of your fitness metrics from your wrist while you play.

YUR Life

Track your progress, analyze your activity, compete against friends, and crush your goals. Are you ready to gamify your fitness?

Track calorie burn
Track XP gain
Track squat count
Track time played
Track heart rate
Track leveling progress
Your homebase for all of your fitness activities. Keep track of all of your workouts - in virtual reality and IRL.
We use your biometric data to help to create a goal for you that is both challenging and achievable.
Get deep insights on your progress and see exactly what games and activites get your heart pumping.
Link to over 300+ fitness apps and wearables, including Apple Health, Strava, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Garmin.
See how you stack up on the global stage, or invite friends to a PvP fitness battle to keep each other motivated.
Unlock unique achievements and rewards for accomplishing your activity goals.
Anonymous Reviewer
Creative & Great Design

I have been using YUR products for a while and enjoy using the YUR app! The app is very well designed and does a great job in motivating me to workout!!!

Early, But Awesome

Frequent updates, great communication from the devs, and the community discord is super helpful and supportive. I find motivation and consistency quite difficult, and this integration is pretty clean & approachable. Excited to see what else they add!

Life Changing

The YUR app is amazing and a genius idea over all! Being able to track your fitness on the app and getting rewarded by achievements is amazing. I’m a competitive person so community events are fun! I also love leveling up after each work out!

YUR Rank

Get your Discord server moving and reward your community for staying healthy.

300+ integrations
Track community stats
Friendly competitions
Fitness Leaderboards
Easy integration
Transparent pricing
YUR Life Mobile – Create & Track Goals
Statistics – Track Everything

YUR Watch

A one-of-a-kind virtual watch that let’s you monitor your activity from your wrist while playing games in virtual reality

Track calorie burn
Track XP gain
Track squat count
Track time played
Track heart rate
Track leveling progress
1 – Download
Start by downloading YUR in the App Store or Google Play Store
2 – Sign Up
Create an account by logging in via email or social provider
3 – Activate
Go to settings > YUR watch and enter your activation code
Activate Watch

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